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Learn more about our class levels: Contessi Ballet is a School that also educates its students in the history of ballet and other dance forms.  At each level the dancers are learning historical elements about a famous ballet or individual dancer.  They are also educated in the different methods of ballet while understanding that Contessi  Ballet school uses Vaganova and Cecchetti methods to train it's dancers.


Basic Prep for boys and girls is an introduction to the basics of Classical Ballet through imagination and creative movement. Kinder ballet 1 and 2, is a program for children between 3 and 5 years created to hold their attention while introducing them to basic classical ballet movement principals. The children learn Classical Ballet steps and develop basic motor skills while acknowledging that younger children are a highly imaginative age group and pretend play is an important aspect of child development and developing the confidence to begin the classical ballet program at the barre and center.


In these levels, dancers learn basic technique for Classical Ballet with emphasis on proper posture and learning to love the art of dance and classical ballet. The foundation principals generate personal discipline and inspire the young dancer to continue to develop. At this level all dancers practice once or twice a week. All participants have the opportunity to perform in The Nutcracker and Spring Showcase.



Students will learn more advanced Classical Ballet technique, beginning turns, and leaps, in addition to more barre and center work. At this level practice increases to a minimum of four times a week. All participants will have the opportunity to perform in significant roles in The Nutcracker and Spring Showcase.


Students will learn more advanced Classical Ballet technique, turns, and leaps, in addition to more advanced barre and center work. At this level practice increases to a minimum of four times a week with longer class times. All participants will have the opportunity for significant rolls in The Nutcracker and Spring Showcase. Level VI emphasizes strong technique and form in order to prepare our students for pointe work and the pre-intermediate and Intermediate/Pre-Professional program.


In this Level, the dancers will learn more advanced technique and pointe work.  At this level the dancer will be working on fouette turns en pointe. At this level the dancers attend class a minimum of four to five times a week with longer class times and work on more advanced barre and center dance work as well as pas de deux. They concentrate on strength, taking more core and strength classes and perfecting technique and will perform solo and principal roles en pointe in major productions such as The Nutcracker and Coppelia. We recognize that each dancer's development towards personal success is different and therefore our instructors recognize the personal success for each individual dancer as they progress through the school program.


In this program dancers will do significant pointe work and advanced ballet technique attending class 5 to 6 times a week several hours a day. Dancers participate in the Pas de Deux classes and will continue their work on fouette turns en pointe among other highly advanced skills.  Dancers at this level continue with strength and core classes, are educated on anatomy and work closely with a staff instructor/Physical therapist to ensure proper technique is used to avoid injury. Dancers from this level take on the lead roles in all productions and are highly skilled in choreography and performing in the major classical ballets including partner dances. Great care is taken to promote safety through every aspect of developing strength and grace as each dancer develops to their potential which enables them to carry on beyond Contessi Ballet school.


In this class, adults can expect to learn the basic techniques of Classical Ballet and for those with previous experience, more advanced technique will be developed, including an invitation to join the Adult pointe program. This class promotes excellent tone, strength, and flexibility with low impact. Adults can also be asked to perform in The Nutcracker and Spring performances.  Adult classes are offered as either advanced beginner or a true beginner class for those with no prior experience in ballet.



Explore traditional and contemporary styles in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Classes begin with a warm-up in the center floor stressing technique and coordination, followed by barre work focusing on flexibility and strength, followed by progressions across the floor and combinations. Enjoy a wide variety of music in order to explore different dance moves, improve on technique, and challenge the students. Contemporary dance students can perform in both the Winter and Spring performances. 

Our Tap class Saturdays is an Open tap class which combines different levels.  The end of class is reserved for our more advanced tappers to work on higher level skills.  Our tappers have the opportunity to perform in the Winter and Spring shows.

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